Learning Technology Service

Align your business processes with customer expectations

Business process automation is rapidly becoming a strategic enabler for the education and skills sector.

As the sector expands, providers need strategic investment in order to move up to the next level by replacing outdated home-grown systems that are just not up to the task.

Providers are now able to benefit from our Learning Technology Service to help redefine, improve and automate enterprise systems and processes.
Automate, Track, Monitor, Report, Analyse

Technology template for education

The aim of this service is to help organisations transition from re‑engineering processes to automation.

Our smart technology template can help your business grow, by fully realising the advantages of educational technology.

Redefine, improve and automate enterprise systems and processes.


  • Increase profitability
  • Increase employee motivation
  • Improve performance monitoring
  • Enforce best practice
  • Maintain a competitive advantage
  • Optimise your operational performance

Real-time process visibility

Outputs from business processes can then be visualised via a data analytics engine to provide a real-time, enterprise-wide dashboard for business owners.

Automate, Track, Monitor, Report, Analyse

Service outcomes:

Automate, Track, Monitor, Report, Analyse

verifyOur service delivers a complete toolset for you to build robust procedures and enforce quality across the enterprise.



Optimise student performance and outcomes.




Monitor student non-continuation, academic performance, risk and outcomes at all levels across the business.


Consolidate all relevant information in one place where it's simple for team members to update and analyse data goals.



Access a suite of dashboards and reports that provide an up-to-date, accurate and meaningful picture of what's going on in the organisation, in the context of the business.



Workflow and task management system that provides early warning and helps staff manage corrective actions to completion.

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Learning Technology Service