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XML publishing solutions-2aInfomedia have worked successfully with many high quality marques and brand leaders in advanced manufacturing, and what is common to all companies is their uncompromising approach to the look and feel of their published outputs.

“Write once, proof once, and output for many styles and devices”

Infomedia has designed automated formatting systems that can meet the exacting demands of the design conscious organisations we serve.

Infomedia’s IP-formatter engine can produce consistent brand managed outputs from the same data-sets used for marketing and technical publications.

xml-publishing-formatting-engineInfomedia solutions provide high quality published outputs from multiple document sources to the web, print and mobiles. We integrate solutions to the customer’s own authors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): including Product Designers, Authors and Engineers.

Infomedia can help its customers attain productivity and efficiency gains that deliver radical cost savings and a shorter delivery time to market.

distance learningBenefits of high-quality automated formatting – XML Publishing Solutions

Our advanced XML publishing solutions can help drive your profitability, reach global markets and publish to many devices from a single source of information.

Be everywhere with HTML5

Our XML to HTML5 formatter will produce web content on the fly in multiple languages and to multiple devices.

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